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PLEX Real Estate is a Duplex Construction Leader!

With nearly two decades of experience focused on construction, development and real estate sales; PLEX Real Estate has established themselves as a leader in multifamily investment properties. Although we build duplexes primarily in Citrus Springs, Plex Real Estate operates in most parts of Citrus County and some parts of Marion County.

Build Wealth with PLEX Real Estate

Our core belief is to have our clients “build wealth” with one of our new duplexes. We value the concept of amortization for all investors.  Amortization with a duplex investment is a terrific way to build wealth over time, by having your tenants pay down your mortgage!

Plex Real Estate is constantly working with and searching for multifamily landowners, so that we can provide numerous options when it comes to available lots.  We offer direct MLS links on our site to available multifamily lots/land, as well as existing multifamily opportunities for sale.

We have a terrific way for a new or seasoned investor with not much cash, but good credit; to own a new duplex and begin to create wealth for themselves. Read on….

Our Exclusive 80/20 Program

PLEX Real Estate partners with a chosen few preferred lenders to help you obtain financing for either new construction, or existing multifamily investment properties.  Typically, a lender requires a 20% down payment to build a duplex and/or to finance an existing duplex/investment property.  We know that can be a lot of cash to put down!  Therefore, we offer unique and creative finance measures to meet our customers’ needs!

We believe in the ability of amortization to build wealth with one of our newly built duplexes so much so, that we are willing to provide up to 20% for the required down payment of your loan.  The borrower will only be required to provide closing costs on the loan, and these typically run 3-5% of the loan amount and the land cost.  We record a second mortgage for the 20% down payment, and this is paid back over a ten year term.  This is exclusive to our company, and we welcome you to ask us for more information, if you are interested!