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Walt Engelken (Owner/Builder)

Hi there!  My name is Walt and I’ve been visiting Citrus County since 1976!  I would visit my grandma in Inverness twice a year.  I can remember hearing the race cars at the Inverness Speedway (even back then) and as a young boy loved looking for frogs and lizards around grandma’s house! Too many memories to talk about now!  During those cold winters in Pennsylvania all I could think about was the memories I made in Florida.  After I graduated from Penn State I knew I needed to start my Real Estate career in Citrus County, Florida.  In all honesty, is took some time to get accustomed to the “small town” lifestyle, but I couldn’t be happier in Citrus County.  My career in Real Estate includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Real Estate Finance from Penn State University, State Certified Residential Contractor’s license, Real Estate Broker license, experience in Citrus County Housing Division as well as the Non-Profit housing sector  learning about the many housing programs available.  Now, I spend my days working with a Housing team that I truly believe can get anything done if it involves Real Estate!